I don’t know if I can handle a world where Ticketmaster is decent. Their new CEO is apparently attempting to make this a reality.

Hubbard’s inexperience can get him into a bit of trouble, but mostly he uses it strategically and to great effect — as in his challenging of the status quo regarding Ticketmaster’s fees. Last fall, he launched a Ticketmaster blog and immediately took on the elephant in the room. “We get it — you don’t like service fees,” he wrote in the opening post. He has persuaded a third of venues to eliminate the truly shameless $2.50 TicketFast charge for the service of letting you print your own tickets. And he has worked to move fees to the first page of a transaction because springing them on customers at the end is wrong. The change, he says, “never would have happened if I’d asked permission from the industry.”

(Source: Fast Company)

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